Tencent enlarge recruit QQ public platform open registration and WeChat hit the face

recently, Tencent has a new action, QQ public platform will soon be on the line. About Tencent’s products we are not unfamiliar, Zhang Xiaolong team developed WeChat, can be described as standing on the shoulders of giants soar miles. This time, the QQ public platform open registration, so that the public psychology is full of expectations. Tencent and zoom trick, QQ public platform open registration, and WeChat will hit the face? QQ public platform will launch a continuation of the myth of WeChat, or will change the development trend of the existing public platform? Presumably, users have a lot of questions.

QQ public platform login URL: http://s.mp.qq.com/

If you want to run

QQ public platform, registered users certainly many, wait-and-see attitude can as soon as possible to register a ID QQ, the public platform for the early experience and feel the new Tencent.

it is reported that, QQ public platform and WeChat public number, is also divided into the service number and subscription number, service number is mainly used for functional services, subscription number is mainly used for information push. Users can use the QQ number, cell phone number and QQ address to log directly after registration, with the identity card number and cell phone number can only be registered 5 public numbers. Similar to the WeChat public number, the name of the QQ public number is not allowed to modify after registration.

QQ open platform for public registration, and WeChat hit face

according to relevant data reports, the current active mobile QQ users monthly 603 million accounts, while WeChat’s monthly active account is $549 million. The data, QQ users are still slightly more than WeChat users, although the growth in the PC terminal of QQ users has slowed, but the mobile terminal QQ and WeChat did not have a negative situation. The Tencent, zoom trick, QQ public platform open registration, both QQ and WeChat in the accumulation of users is not a lot of cases, QQ and WeChat public platform will hit the face will surpass WeChat? We wait and wait for the test of time.

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