How to deal with the original content of WeChat material

we know that material is very important for us. The amount of our fans is increasing, that’s all we have. However, we now are facing a problem, that is our content is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

now we are facing two major problems:

first: a lot of content has been applied to the original

now we are a lot of content is applied for the original application, this is for those of us grassroots, we are looking for material when it is even more difficult. Application of the original content, we can copy it? The answer is yes, but we need to pay attention to is:

1 copy of the content is to indicate the source

in particular, a number of large public numbers, they are all the contents of the original application. For these, we usually do not pay attention to these are not what the content of the original, so this needs us to pay attention to, if the original is the bottom or from what the words, then we need to explain these in his article on the bottom. If we do not explain where it comes from, then if the author is applied to the original, then we have to publish such a content, then the system will automatically give us marked out. This comparison is not a lot of problems, the problem is relatively large number of our account was reported.

2 to avoid being reported

if we do is large enough, so more attention should be paid to this point, because after we do the very easy to cause the attention of others, no one will be reported by others, it will directly affect our economy. Many of the original author is going to find their own content, but found their own content, and has not been annotated source, then we may be reported. We all want to expand their exposure to the content, so you only need to post the content of the source, then we will not be reported to be lost.

second: content plus watermark is difficult to modify

now what these pictures and video with a watermark, these pictures for us is still relatively good, it is no good treatment of the case is to find the source of Baidu pictures, so that we can find the original image is super. But compared to change is our video or dynamic map. There are some micro signal in the video, some QQ or a company. If it is left directly to the micro signal, then we’d better not to copy, if QQ or a company, then this is not so great for us. So it is necessary for us to judge whether the content is used as the content of the article.

so when we meet with the original content, but the content is indeed very good, then what should we do?

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