The breakdown of existing problems in the marketing company of WeChat


is a necessary medium in daily communication and communication, is also a point-to-point marketing platform of mobile terminal is the most representative, has brought new market opportunities and development prospects for more individuals and businesses, but behind many advantages also exist many problems, a good product not only operation to foster problem, this is for enterprises or individuals engaged in WeChat marketing is of no significance, following the WeChat marketing potential problems:

one, your WeChat platform enough to improve it?


public platform is officially launched in August 2012, it can provide a better user experience in WeChat, and the two-dimensional code scanning concern is the most direct way of enterprise external marketing, in the two-dimensional code technology don’t come out, the user may choose because of curiosity and sweep, along with time vicissitude and WeChat promotion of two-dimensional code the flood, the lack of user experience way of life gradually ignored by users, the impact passive marketing. Enterprises in the necessary conditions to prompt users attention is to give users a reason or induce the customer choose enough reasons, so as to make the effect better, improve the WeChat platform is the first, as the channel induction factors were introduced, and the platform itself to improve the user experience is the most practical problem, more experience customer service is the most effective starting point to maintain customer relationship.

two, do you have a marketing platform

?We like this

for the development of decoration industry from many aspects are not fully equipped O2O, but also have no way to follow, a successful marketing platform is a set of processes to obtain information from the user experience to online orders, enterprises engaged in the promotion of WeChat platform is to profit from them. For many enterprises of WeChat platform marketing is still not available, the same kind of public platform to do the difference. WeChat itself is closed, the lack of open and can be widely spread, only the WeChat platform usually rely on a purely two-dimensional code simple promotion, this way is now in effect this trend will only very general.

three, how much of your fans have a high rate of interactive reading?

WeChat is a communication medium, in recent years many enterprises treat him as a direct medium to acquire interests and business channels, but WeChat and micro-blog in the marketing platform, you need to have a huge fan of live, that can be accumulated in more potential users, information dissemination and you will face more Guangzhou, accumulation of user attention need to spend more than the construction of WeChat platform energy, how many directly affect the number of potential customers to your fans.


At the same time for the

push message, here refers to a single subscription number of daily push, which for many small and medium sized up to do, but a lot of the time is not good to do this a daily information push, many times this will be like the same daily spam sent to the user, when the push message is not only can the content can also be >

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