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fire, ROSEONLY fire, small fire times, accompanied by controversy and chase their envy their Tucao and abuse, but it is fire.

traditional network marketing, often point to point promotion. The mature way is the key effect of promotion, promotion, advertising and promotion portal is the question, whether stickers, stickers, Baidu keyword bidding forum, Taobao Jingdong and other platforms through train, or some portal placement, must rely on a large number of clicks for a sustained effect, this model has been the most main business approved. Because of the advertising effect is very good, how many clicks for a customer, a customer can bring much profit, so it is easy to calculate the advertising output ratio control in what range of business, as long as in the controllable range, can increase investment, take more hits for. The drawback of this model is also very obvious, because more customers need to pay the cost of advertising at the same time, which is contrary to provide more value to the customer’s brand, marketing, and dissemination of the contents of the value are not highly regarded in this mode, the enterprise to stand on our own point of view of the spread of cold advertising, no consideration from the real needs of the users, the users, is worthless. High cost, mechanical cold advertising, and ultimately caused the user’s distrust, poor reputation.

how to break through the plight of the flow of word of mouth spread how to do social marketing success seems to point out the answer. To break through the plight of the flow, we must find ways to make their own fire. However, it is difficult to fire up, want to let users spread the word for you, you have to give them some sweetness. The harsh reality is that users are very picky, and the business side is accustomed to the traditional marketing methods, such as television newspaper advertising, traditional online advertising, etc., gradually lost the sensitivity of user needs. The solution is that we must understand what users prefer, combined with the needs of users, how do we make valuable content to the user, which is worth pondering.

a clear route is the direction of enterprise restructuring, weaken the market thinking, thinking to strengthen the consumer, how to let consumers fall in love with your proposition to position the brand story and advertising language, making value to consumers of the communication strategy, and continuously optimize your products and services, to become very user experience and the value, if you do this, I believe that the user is willing to spread such a story and the value of the brand.

social marketing is a feature of fast, the number of users from 0 to 1 million, perhaps as long as a month to achieve. If the use of traditional network marketing, point to point communication, to achieve such a result is very difficult. Another feature of social marketing is the Matthew effect, the more attention, the faster the spread of word of mouth, the better the reputation of the new concern more people. The reputation of the growth and the growth of traffic to achieve synchronization, visibility and reputation soar.

social marketing prospects, although very good, but it is very difficult to do. First in products and services

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