The essence of marketing is in our daily life

marketing is the essence of our daily lives, and definitely not in the domestic marketing training courses. They were teasing you? Why? It started from a program "I saw last night of Ma".

six points off work, I put the body and mind exhausted body rest, sitting outside the door of the company’s 8 car, back to my that the rental of twenty square. He threw himself on, accounted for almost 1/3 of our bed. The student said, you do not eat? In the back on the road, in a class three restaurants, a classic dish, fried bread, fried meat and. Go back to bed and rest for a while. Open the computer, watching the micro-blog, go to the end of the circle, suddenly feel boring boring. No, I can’t go on like this. I’m going to do something meaningful.

open my IPAD before a few a few, finally into LETV APP, go after no film aroused my interest. Can’t find it, click on the variety, on the inside looking inside, I am song. Chinese the sonic boom, non honest about, and some other programs. And I’m not interested in this program, I found the "collection of Ma" click to enter, read an article, the yellow rosewood such a show. To tell the truth aroused my interest. I read with relish, generally also laugher won, but I was a love of observation, I suddenly feel that this evening the process of action, "Ma" is of a successful marketing for me.

has the following key factors for my marketing

1, the program provides its own unique value

2, put their programs in the place where we often go

3, the use of collections to attract everyone’s attention

4, the quiz, and interact with the audience in the form of

actually summed up into two parts

one, to attract attention to

is also home to the place, also known as suction flow. In this example, he put the program on the people often go to the music, music, music, PPS. and some other video concentrate. And then there’s Jiangxi satellite tv. This is the way to attract attention, which are the steps to attract traffic.

two, through a number of operations, the flow of these attractive marketing

, for example, in this program, using the quiz, from the concept of the museum complex is a collection within the six collections, let you guess which one is right, a prize. Out of the way through the introduction of some knowledge points collection, such as the pear this file, including the subject, where Tongzhi married 1898? How long? How old is Tongzhi reign? These knowledge attracted me, but when the collection of knowledge also attracted me. For example

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