How to plan the contents of the site to find accurate customer

today to share with you the theme is how to plan the contents of the site to find accurate customers, mainly to share three effective ways.

drainage before we often only pay attention to "quantity", which is the flow of the bigger the better, so try to use a variety of ways to increase website traffic, for example, copy the contents and do all kinds of popular keywords SEO and so on. But most people find traffic increased and there is no way to really help to your website, customer loyalty has not improved, this is our familiar words, pure flow station, of course this also can make money, but a website to do traffic, there is no substantive content available to users, in the course of time. The real customers are gradually lost.

This is because the amount of

while they are not accurate, so there is no way to effectively help you bring benefit, and the current status of websites and social media, if the content of your site theme is empty words, Ling Ling think it is not good to lock you want accurate customer. So you should try to focus on the theme of your site locked in a content, which is an important key to lock the precise customer. So, the next Lingling will share with you three ways to help you to find the precise user planning website.

a clear understanding of the content of customers want to see

first you must first understand the accurate customer want to see what kind of content, such as Ling Ling do today’s Micro blog source, will go to the network search sites, see what kind of content is the most attractive, the highest click rate. When you get the information, I think you should know what to add to your site. This is a very critical website content analysis.

two, make a difference with other similar websites

then you to plan your web site, make your site and other similar sites have differences in different sex, the so-called micro innovation, you can make a difference in the website style, content and so on to make the difference.

For example,

micro business supply site name and content is to make the difference, the difference in what you see? Yes, is the micro business supply "blog", blog is the key difference of micro business website name, because most people may do derivative supply are the derivative supply industry do some of the content, micro business sourcing forum more widely, and then through the closing forum VIP to make money, and I spent most of my "blog" is aimed at this one to do in-depth study, professional "blog" often can let your customers see more professional content, let oneself grow quickly. So Ling Ling think in the field of micro suppliers, in addition to the technical aspects of the problem, the professional side is also very critical. And of course, you can also do a blog from the content to do the difference.

three, for popular content to write several articles related to

third method is that you want to write a few articles on the popular content to the relevant articles to micro supplier software is good

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