How to optimize the enterprise website promotion

enterprise website should be how to optimize the promotion, I believe that every enterprise wants to optimize their website to Baidu home page for unpopular keywords can be done on the home page. As long as you keep updated articles and products on the line! Amateur exchange more than a few of the quality of the site, with their own website products like! Do not blindly choose to exchange links!

no friendship links, so pay attention to what your website link is not to be removed. Many dead links to check your site! There are a lot of people do not trust, just put your links removed is often the thing! And share with you how to promote your enterprise optimization the website, here entered.

1 update a few articles every day with your business products, as well as the most popular news, no matter the day you have been included in the information, you have to insist on the line!

2 check their web site every day to see if there is no link to the link and the black link.

3 every day to check your included, see what in recent days, which included the article was deleted. In support of the original article, Baidu love original, so to copy others not to


4 every day to check their own site traffic, to see if it is back or into! Which is the key word, which is the search engine, what is the place, which is the period of time!

5 link is not more than the best of the 20, do not go to the quality of the site and do a link. Suggest you go to the A5 forum to see

6 take the key words of my website, the 0531 is Ji’nan, Shandong means SJ is the meaning of lift! Even up is the Shandong elevator. This keyword is not much more than the general, not to mention there are a lot to do Baidu bidding. The home is really well done! And is just the beginning of a new website! But I am confident the keywords "lift, lift platform, hydraulic lifts and ramps so do Baidu home! As long as the Baidu home page is not Baidu promotion can do


7 promotion I will not say such another day! Every day 1! We want to help

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