Five core principles of marketing planning

should be aware of marketing, in addition to the daily operations, how to attract fans to enhance the activity of fans to activate dormant zombie powder?

of course, there are a lot of this answer, do the open interactive topic, hot and dry cargo to share, but not so much to borrow hot ah, fast foaming dry cargo vomit, interactive topic? Come on, in the absence of core values, don’t want the active promotion rate, and so on, there are actually a of course, is to do activities, which involves five core principles of marketing planning activities:

first core law: homes. Here is that children can’t set the wolf, "the same meaning, do marketing activities not let people get benefits to sleep enough to accompany you to play the lottery? Is the party crazy for you or to get water, you set the prize, there is already to really give up ah, or a covert operation or play word games, not scold, is reported, out of the mix sooner or later have to repay.

free a chicken soup: never underestimate the IQ of others. The same applies to life.

second core rule: new. Others played not in use, even if your appearance than beauty, like Pan An, also don’t live at every day, every day, everyone has to love, aesthetic fatigue, appropriate for taste. If you don’t want someone else to play, let others shine. Don’t want to say no, human mind is infinite potential, when I saw the things around often think of others invention of so many things I want to do not come out, not something new in the invention, but it is in denial of their own, the result is the progress of the times, there have been new show to the new something out of copycat rival is always planning


free of charge a chicken soup: do not give yourself pressure, to maintain a thought will have a harvest, is a result, which is the same with do not do the same thing.

third core rule: odd. Is specifically, we can think you don’t want to, you can do it you would not need to do, you need to focus on the blind thinking that they think are commonplace thing, insight is to observe others take for granted and find resonance, this is the need to consider do the activities, if you are planning an activity is familiar but ignore others at a point, you have half the success.

there’s no chicken soup.

fourth core principles: absolutely. In fact, unprecedented mean, no one with no predecessors, sometimes many popular models we are using, but you have to do, to do this kind of mode, the market will still cheer for you. For example, forwarding lottery activity is very popular now, why don’t you do as long as there will be no smoking one hundred percent forwarding award winning, you do, fired the first shot of the market, will also have a lot of fans remember and spread everywhere, and not very well, before a lot of what "forward one"

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