Preparation for network marketing positioning

to do the market, is to do communication, to communicate, we must find the object of communication. Otherwise, is "cast pearls before swine". Why online turnover rate is not high? Why do some people up to the site, no one is under orders? Xu Dongyao think the key reason is the wrong object.

no matter how good the product, no matter how good the model, if you can not let the real demand, purchasing power, can make the decision to find, want to clinch a deal, want to improve performance is impossible.

a smug bee, the morning will set the goal: today I want to find the best flowers, the quality of pollen, back to make the best honey. So, it is desperate to fly flowers, but unfortunately, has not yet arrived in the flowers, hit a spider web.

too many companies rushed to the Internet in the best of spirits, the result is advertising click not performance, there is no sales flow, encountered such a situation, most people will simply be attributed to: network advertisement is a lie, not just bubble network.

The problem with

is that there is a problem with the target customer positioning, so what kind of customer is the target customer?

target customer positioning six factors:

enterprise network profit model

what is the core competitiveness of enterprises

company’s main customer base positioning

enterprise core product positioning

product unique selling point positioning

network marketing keywords positioning

Xu Dongyao for you one by one decomposition:

enterprise network profit model settings:

classification of our products, to advance to a good, who will buy, how to sell customers in need of products at the same time we will choose what? We need to complete the maximum benefit with the most long-term customer contact at minimal cost, sales solutions, customer service, value-added part, packaged into the product suite, the new assembly the profit model. Xu Dongyao saw a website selling environmentally friendly trash cans, while selling trash, the site also appeared in the park’s leisure chairs, flowers Ping signs, public WC and other product portfolio sales. They have done with the least cost of customer contact to produce the largest and most long-term benefits, your site is the case?

what is the core competitiveness of enterprises:

this question for you to answer, some friends will say, I have nothing, no diploma, no culture, no product, no brand. In fact, as long as engaged in network marketing, you can find your own competitiveness, Xu Dongyao met a cheap clothing factory, he said: This is my primary school graduation, no diploma, no culture, no brand, what can I produce cheap clothes to earn a little money can do except? But he neglected his biggest side gold, he has a factory: at least can be packaged into a factory.

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