People network acquisition and Chen information to expand existing sales channels

people’s network recently announced that the acquisition of 25 million yuan and Shanghai Chen Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chen information) of the equity of 100%.

public information and information, Chen was founded in 2007, is a focus on enterprise level IT application overall planning consulting, development, deployment, and cloud services "life cycle" solution service provider.

according to the announcement, the people of the network and the acquisition of the acquisition of Chen information, 25 million yuan in cash to acquire and Chen equity of $100%. In the announcement, the people network, said the investment does not involve entering new areas, is to expand the existing sales channels.

it is understood that the people of the existing network marketing model, including online marketing, telemarketing, direct sales team, agents, alliances, large customers and other diversified means of customized services.

people network relevant responsible person said that the acquisition of information and Chen is the value of its future sales ability, and Chen information may help sales network people own CRM system; on the other hand, Chen and information as the distributor of Microsoft, has a professional understanding and awareness of the Microsoft system and Microsoft cloud, which is the network of people good.

In addition to the acquisition of

and Chen information announcement on the same day, people network also issued a notice of Shanghai cheire Hotel Management Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "cut") at a price of 20 million yuan Holdings cheire stake to 35.2%. It is understood that the people network in March last year, September to cheire conducted two rounds of investment.

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