2015 honey bud core entertainment strategy clever accounted for the annual industry focus

the weather

2015 one evening last year, the variety is really a bloody entertainment chelunzhan, we actually only see the front and behind the bright light, can not be ignored. In particular, the mango Taiwan cross year, must be well deserved variety king, to know the wind and the king has been hard to keep in the background star interview area, witnessed all the entertainment hot search list.

, however, always felt that there was a strong entertainment universe. We first look at a set of scenes interview footage.

Wu Yifan handsome debut


Li Yifeng show eight teeth smile, very good looking


under the media, someone wearing scarves are all eyes + small smile photos


to sb appearance, and continuous to Yang Yuying, ask Victoria Song, it is all full of


Victoria Song caught a crazy asked, but Victoria Song’s very nice

on the stage of the most superior stage, is the ubiquitous "Honey bud", have not found all the above figure with a "Honey bud".

Exclusive network Title

as 2015-2016 mango Taiwan New Year party, the "Honey bud new year entertainment marketing" is also quite unique:

Take the

top stage, Great trees are good for shade.

mango Taiwan over the past ten years is the ratings champion, coupled with today’s network linkage, mango TV traffic amazing, young audience, which are consistent with the audience of honey bud. The first element of brand sponsorship is to both sides, it is called set off each other, mutual care, temperament can be consistent, in-depth exchanges. Mango platform is youth, youth, youth has the temperament; honey bud position is now bestie "and" mum and sister, so hit it off, Xiangxianhenwan!

In order to continue the beautiful

into all things to all men

want to know the mango TV across the years is a live multi camera live, in addition to the main stage we see, there are close seats, and three seats in all channels of the background stars, with the camera, so this is a behind the scenes all live. So, honey bud implantation is a multi scene, especially with lines: host port broadcast, and "Honey bud" the pronunciation, in addition to being a brand name, "Mi Ya" pronunciation honey bud, more like a cordial greeting, that name is one thing how important.

also, the mango TV is responsible for the entire background of the broadcast media group visit, "Honey bud" is get in by every opening, Meng Meng.

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