UAV rural gold rush is not just a smart logistics gimmick

news August 1st, industry application of UAV development in recent years, agriculture, forestry, meteorology, police and other fields have UAV figure. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has a natural advantage in improving efficiency, high altitude operation and dangerous environment. The level of consumption of unmanned aerial vehicles is also becoming hot, which is particularly efficient agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles demand.

According to

billion state power network to understand, China as the world’s largest agricultural country, area of 2 billion 25 million acres of arable land, the basic farmland is about 1 billion 800 million mu, agriculture and low degree of automation, low production efficiency per capita.

Peng Bin, founder of

technology, said that at present, the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in China’s agriculture is very small, the huge market potential of agricultural drones. "If the 1 billion 800 million mu of basic farmland, spraying 5 times per mu per year, operation price 10 yuan, then in the plant protection market, UAV a year operating income will reach 90 billion yuan."


, UAV development China has been nearly 10 years, but mainly used in aerial photography, until 2015, flying, Xinjiang, pole zero have put the UAV in the field of agriculture, to develop agricultural UAV market.

with the "popular Internet plus agriculture" concept, with science, technology, business means transformation of agriculture’s future is more clear. Accordingly, the state power company UAV company SkyDrive points as follows:

polar fly: do not sell agricultural drones do rural service providers


Guangzhou Fei Fei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the very fly) by former Microsoft China MVP Peng Bin was founded in 2007, is a commercial UAV and flight control system development and production. Under the Beijing flying science and Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang flying agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd., Australia XAircraft Aerial Solutions branch.

the development of products mainly include: the flight control system of superX and miniX; for logistics, security, environmental protection, fire and other "man" series (XMission); yunnan.

2012, polar fly began the development of agricultural plant protection UAV, the development of Xplanet series. 2015, flying in Xinjiang to complete the trial operation. In the test the sale of UAV to fly after hitting the wall, very service provider involved in agriculture. The main mode is to set up a service station in the agricultural area, when farmers demand, professionals to provide protection service.

It is reported that

has been flying in 2014 from Silicon Valley Chengwei Capital $20 million A round of financing.

Xinjiang: industry leaders also want to share a cup of soup in rural areas


Shenzhen Xinjiang Creative Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as Xinjiang) was founded in 2006>

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