Tmall car installment purchase the balance of treasure can be opened after the first user to buy


technology news July 23rd morning news, Tmall today officially announced a joint Ali small loan, the balance of treasure, car manufacturers were pushing the vehicle after the first open buy vehicle purchase value-added services, and online shopping will be based on consumer credit data, try to launch credit for an average of 5 ~ 60 thousand, the longest 18 0 interest, 0 fee car installment purchase. Consumers can be the first to experience the service during the July 23rd -7 31 Tmall car festival.

balance treasure car enjoy 3 months revenue

Tmall official Shi Jian introduced prepayment model to replace the traditional balance of treasure, consumers need to save enough money in the PayPal account balance, Tmall car purchase page "click to buy" Car Buying entry information, Car Buying funds will be frozen in the PayPal account balance, the equivalent of "demand deposits" to "deposit" at the same time, the system will provide consumers with SMS 4S stores carry the car electronic verification code.

when the consumer to the line 4S shop to complete the negotiations, to determine the car service, the use of identity cards and electronic verification code in the store for verification. After the completion of the verification procedures, you can agree with the 4S shop final mention car time, usually within a week. The car will be frozen in the balance of payments in 3 months, after the expiration of the period of 3 months, the money will be thawed and transferred to the car manufacturer’s account, the balance of treasure gains during this period still belongs to consumers.

Dongfeng Citroen

said, this approach breaks the traditional flow limit the amount of sales, let Car Buying be profitable: for consumers, will not affect the car cycle, but also can enjoy three months of income. Second, the change in consumer attitudes, strengthen the intention to buy cars and enhance the conversion rate, the 4S store to speed up the stock transfer, reduce the financial pressure on the vehicle industry to promote the progress of significant electricity supplier.

Shi Jian said that the festival are involved in car automobile manufacturers Tmall flagship store, consumers can through the balance of treasure in full or partially frozen money Shoufu, bought Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Skoda, Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot, Geely Automobile, Southeast automobile, JAC Yue Yue, GAC TOYOTA 8 Tmall official flagship stores, more than 20 models, some manufacturers will be in addition to the balance of treasure income subsidies given an additional amount.

analysis of the industry, to 100 thousand yuan economy car, for example, the recent balance treasure annual income of around 4.2%, the consumer can earn more than 1000 yuan in 3 months, for consumers with a certain attraction.

consumers can purchase online credit loans

in addition to the balance of treasure Car Buying to enjoy the benefits, Tmall also provides online credit installment Car Buying mode, which will be based on past consumers in Tmall, Taobao online shopping and consumer credit data for real-time credit and auto loans, without the need for consumers to provide proof of income. It is reported that the credit line is about 5 ~ 60 thousand yuan, the lowest down payment of the car into the car to raise the car, and can enjoy the longest period of 0 interest rate, 0 of the car purchase fee of 18. Specific information consumers can view their Taobao account.

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