11 we should be grateful to people

Although the past 11

, but still in the aftermath, whether the media friends, or sellers or buyers are still stick to the fight in the first scene "". 11 adhere to the four years of time, is not easy, every year a year a year on a high, I would like to this article, for people with dual 11 bitter music.


Perhaps many people think

11 will double spot for the success of Tmall, love it up with a knife on the other hand, the opposite way with spark. Tmall pioneered the double 11, double 11 successful, Tmall is successful, indeed, but we can not forget those people behind Tmall pay silently, in many people’s eyes, they must be very happy, after all, every time to record high. But thinking, we know that they are under great pressure, there is even a few days and nights did not sleep in the preparatory activities, let the activities carried out smoothly, this easy? Tmall customers accept every day so many calls, especially the double 11 surge, for they have been easy to do this.? monitoring team, public relations team, always tighten the nerve, this easy? Behind success are a lot of people in the pay, to see the bright side, there are a lot of people jealous, and forget the fundamental things. We acknowledge that Tmall has a lot of room for improvement, false trading, payment collapse and so on, but it can not be denied, it also brings us some several times a year in the top shopping desire and enjoy shopping. Really feel the Tmall team to pay, I hope the future is getting better and better, but also to the electricity supplier propped up the sky, save the downturn in the electricity supplier environment. Ma Yun brought Taobao, the electricity supplier into China; then Ma Yun also brought Tmall, you are to save the electricity supplier? Work hard!

media mobilization

newspaper, magazine, Internet media website: speed transit, Tencent, NetEase, Sina, double section 11 occupy a relatively large part of the double 11, of course eighteen held recently, the topic of global concern, double 11 let little way out, even so, it is difficult to block the media double 11 crazy love and communication, especially business website or the Internet website, the topic of discussion is double 11 problems, one obvious thing is, now the focus more attention on the Tmall itself, giving Tmall a more personal Savior – business. Because the festival has not yet arrived, many people have been thinking about the 11 will be a test or proof of electricity supplier, are looking to see the future of electricity providers. Media friends, collect these pieces of information integration is not easy for the people service hard, especially today heard a small sacrifice holiday time is a media to further understand the Tmall shooting activities under Tmall to us.


pile up like a mountain hand

I would like to write here is not a logistics company, but courier. Make a list of 11 double hard courier for you, most non express is to work in the air conditioner under pay >

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