On the road of development of network group purchase business at present predicament

Group purchase network Groupon

an ocean regressed donghonghong only for a year from a cipher into a $1 billion 350 million group purchase industry chiefs, it also stimulated a number of domestic Internet entrepreneurs nerve, suddenly "thousand net" projections, group purchase fame speed no less than the speed jump red hibiscus, Xifeng laugh. The situation is now group purchase "thousand group wars" of the late Eastern Han Dynasty, a separatist infighting, who will become the "Three Kingdoms" A new force suddenly rises., by the end of next year, I believe that the outcome.

Any development of

, an emerging field is generally so: in the beginning, only a few innovators (in the emerging field of pioneer Army), and many other companies see the prospects and sweetness have also entered the market after the battle, from fanaticism gradually into the age of reason, will develop into a controllable range finally, closure, phagocytosis phagocytosis, only a few giants, hegemony. The little girl has long been concerned about the group purchase website, although you still willing to but have little talent and less learning, and discuss the current problems in the development of network group purchase.

one, why buy a network so entrepreneurs welcome?

A. technology threshold is low, strong replication.

of course, this technology can only be copied and the threshold of the platform, the real set of service systems and the integration of resources under the line means can not be copied. And the group purchase network without business registration such as B2C, as long as the ICP record, fast and easy. (but seems to have been a little bit strict since the 310 buy)

B. buy is a new field, there is no giant monopoly.

is most afraid of Internet giants monopoly in Chinese mixed, but now is still a new field in group purchase, such as Sina, Baidu and other Internet giants are playing group purchase, but has not yet appeared the trend of monopoly, so that entrepreneurs also hope and courage, hope as early as possible eat more meat.

C. input is low, the cost is low?

the current domestic large and small group purchase website and the investment of human capital emerge in an endless stream, a lot of network group purchase company are small, many are basically one or two computer station, two or three people run single sales, a group purchase website software is only 3000 yuan to 10000 yuan. The original fortune website system free enterprise NITC is taking advantage of the launch of free hot group purchase net template, which anyone can do group purchase, who can be tasted the sweetness.

D. sales revenue into the big.

it is understood that the current site is divided into 20% basic businesses and sales in accordance with the sales of 10% – to calculate, if the number of goods to buy a few thousand, is indeed a lot of income. But do not like the B2C network group purchase bear the cost of goods, only to provide a platform for both transactions, all really feel heart.

, however, the development of the network is also facing many difficulties, what are the difficulties?

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