The future will be the socialization of Taobao off the world


customers as well as future? This is a problem at the moment is very concerned about the number of API and Taobao Taobao guest single page station long’. Some have given up, some still struggling. Look at the little income every day, not even a meal. The future of the road is very confused, think Taobao customer profit model has come to an end. And now, with beautiful, said, dolphin said the rise of this kind of social Taobao, for a single page of the impact of Taobao customers is very large. The author believes that Taobao is still very profitable to do. In the ever-changing era of the Internet, we have to seize every opportunity to change, Taobao is a way of social transformation and innovation. The following author to talk about their future for the socialization of Taobao some insights.


a, vertical, fine differentiation will be the way out

single page Taobao site has been unable to meet the needs of the public. And the beautiful said, this big and full site for our personal webmaster, but also a very large workload. How to find a way out is our only way out. Like launched specifically for home decoration and soft loaded mushroom home. Sina has also launched a vertically differentiated home shopping sharing community pomegranate network. It can be seen in this regard there are still many opportunities waiting for the owners to dig to explore. Such as mother and baby, food, pets, etc..

two, to help users of the same interest in the exchange of

Taobao customers in the past it is difficult for users to become a permanent customer of your site, often earn a one-time money. It is easy to forget, and can not continue to have a source of income. This is also a headache to do a lot of Taobao customers. The socialization of Taobao customers are different. Have a group of like-minded people here with you. Here you can share your favorite products, can also be converted to other products recommended. You can also build their own interest groups to share the shopping experience, the use of experience. This will greatly enhance the user’s stickiness, making the user purchase rate, conversion rate to further enhance. For these loyal users, often will be shared to the friends around, which is also an excellent brand of promotional opportunities for the site.

with the current electricity supplier in China’s fiery, many electronic business platform has also launched its own social Taobao guest. Many people are also worried that Taobao launched its own social Taobao guest, will be detrimental to their website. I want to say that there’s no need to worry. As long as Ali does not fall, Taobao will certainly support these sites to serve Taobao. Only in this way, Taobao’s market cake will do bigger. Who will give up the webmaster free publicity platform for their own. I hope there will be more electricity providers to join Taobao platform. Only competition in the market, the industry will be able to stand the vitality of passion, is conducive to the development of the industry as a whole.

Internet groundless talk. I think we must adhere to their own direction, not to be shaken by the outside world, can do it on the next, temporary setbacks

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