Double eleven big price war is expected to lose four liquor electricity supplier of 50 million


Times News (reporter intern reporter Hu Xiaohong Jia Ting) this year’s double eleven for wine merchants is fierce, as the main participants, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng said yesterday, is expected to double eleven four liquor business losses amounted to more than 50 million yuan.

It is reported that

, double eleven Tmall liquor store sales ranking, brewmaster network, Sichuan 1919, net purchase wine, the wine network among the top four. The four appliance manufacturers have to lower than the ex factory sales of Moutai, Wuliangye and other famous as the entrance to seize the ranking. Such as Sichuan 1919 pairs of the same day the first launch of Moutai + Wuliangye $1111, Wuliangye $499, but consumers found soon broken goods. Then the challenge brewmaster network resorted to "Wuliangye 459 yuan, 659 yuan Moutai", "Moutai + Wuliangye 1111 yuan price, directed at Sichuan 1919, eventually won the first sales.

"we didn’t want to play the price war, but there are plans to deal with," said Hao Hongfeng, the brewmaster network loss of about 20 million yuan. However, brewmaster network has 200 million yuan promotional costs 20 million yuan a year, accounting is not large. Sichuan 1919 aspects did not give specific data loss, but according to Hao Hongfeng revealed that the total loss of these four electricity providers will be more than 50 million yuan.

also want to fight for the cause of the price war, wine expert Xiao Zhuqing said that its fundamental purpose is to keep the status of rivers and lakes.

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