Another is how to make the rural electricity supplier

said that day China rural electricity supplier, farmers uncle a bit tired, for you today for a change, we talk about other people’s business is how to make the rural.

let’s talk about the rural electricity supplier in the United States, it is well known that the United States is the world’s largest economic entity, has a sound foundation and system, the system is quite sound. Rural electricity supplier is developed to the advanced stage, has a unified standard and perfect system, the formation of a certain scale.



will give you analysis of farmers uncle characteristics of American rural electricity supplier and what we can learn from the place. Farmers uncle a lot of information, sum up can be divided into the following 5 points:

1, U.S. agricultural electricity supplier and agricultural futures market close cooperation. A large number of agricultural products has not yet formed before the futures contract and the platform, so that the sale of agricultural products without worries, greatly improving the enthusiasm of agricultural production. While the domestic futures although innovative, but still far from the formation of scale.

2, the U.S. agricultural electricity supplier in international trade has a certain scale. Some of the largest agricultural electricity supplier in the United States trade with the global market, and this form of trade is globalization, more and more countries to follow suit. The standardization of domestic agricultural production is relatively backward, the international competitiveness is weak.

3, the United States has a huge role in promoting the network infrastructure agricultural electricity supplier. There is no doubt that the United States is the largest developed country in the world, and its network facilities and logistics system is quite sound. The Internet provides a network of agricultural products to cover the global business network, help to form economies of scale. The domestic infrastructure is not perfect, in rural areas is lagging behind. This greatly restricts the development of agricultural electricity supplier.

4, the United States more emphasis on specialization of agricultural electricity supplier. Based on different regions, different industries, different categories of products to establish different agricultural electricity supplier market. From the information to provide a full range of logistics services, so that the size of their transactions in the market as a whole accounted for an increasing proportion. This is the rural electricity supplier can not and.

5, the main driving force for the development of agricultural electricity supplier in the United States from the development of technology and market competition. The development of all kinds of advanced technology has greatly improved the agricultural production mode and production efficiency. Market competition makes the efficiency of the agricultural market in the United States continue to optimize, for the development of agricultural electricity supplier to create a good environment.

This is the uncle of American farmers

electricity supplier of agricultural products summary.

realized that China rural farmers uncle business still has a long way to go, business enterprises and government departments to see the development trend of professional rural electricity supplier in the future, do not blindly develop direction, do not blindly throwing money, to make the healthy development of rural electricity supplier on the right track.

well, farmers uncle said.

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