Micro business have to suffer Taobao’s most stringent new regulations to clear ghost shop

Taobao hit the transaction oriented WeChat and QQ stores.


source: Vision China

recently, Taobao introduced the most stringent new regulations on a number of particularly serious circumstances ghost merchant punishment imposed by the store (ie temporary shielding).

in the Taobao business display of goods, often there will be no goods only for appreciation "," more details please see WeChat "such transactions for the purpose, purely Taobao windows, when released" advertising "behavior, this approach often through the guide to other trading platform selling fraud, evade supervision.

these goods are not released due to the transaction, leaving only a photo, a micro signal, QQ number or cell phone number, etc.. In some extreme cases, some shops have more than 100 thousand items, each one is the "advertising", the shop like a ghost attached to Taobao, WeChat will cut the hand of the party who drainage circle of friends, QQ space and other social networking platforms, and illegal trading.

Taobao said, the use of social platforms in a semi closed and semi open fuzzy zone, both directly related to become a hotbed of counterfeits and fraud. In addition, due to not using the Alipay platform, want to chat software such as Taobao transaction channel official, Taobao leads to not of supervision in other aspects of the transaction platform, so it is difficult to fully control and punishment of the seller.


in accordance with the rules, the description of the goods is unknown, no actual commodity, only contact the person and goods this shop goods information (non residential except), were judged as "Taobao search advertising goods".

"this behavior seriously affect the consumer’s shopping experience and shopping options before us of advertising goods serious sellers are permanent store shield, but some unscrupulous sellers still continue spamming goods, has serious damage to the normal taobao.com seller’s interests, but also seriously affected the buyers shopping experience." Alibaba Platform Management Department of commodity management center, the person in charge of the special action mo (flower).

therefore, in order to maintain the health of Taobao’s trading order, the recent Taobao decided to cheat on the case of advertising goods particularly serious sellers that ghost shop to carry out the punishment of store regulation. Taobao according to the rules imposed on the supervision of the shop shop is equivalent to the punishment, big data system in the dark room". If again, Taobao will impose more stringent penalties.

using a large data system, Taobao currently has a number of large screen release "advertising" escape from the controlled and early warning model display prone transaction risk "ghost shop", these shops advertising commodity number up to more than 14000 pieces.

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