My first encounter with Wangzhuan

I remember the first time they feel? I remember the first time I got the money before what to do with it? Remember what was the first website for you to receive the money, remember what the League < > to your


record yourself for the first time, and let all of you remember the happy time with you!

my first occurred in the afternoon of April 16th, sunny day, I and my friends to go to the industrial and Commercial Bank of China to see is not really able to get me that earned a year advertising, when I lose my password, praying anxiously at that, really did not deceive you.

after a few seconds on the screen is really displayed 102 yuan of money, take the money in the hands of the time when there is no original excitement, I do not know why.

later, my friends and I went to eat KFC, although I know 102, certainly not enough, but I am willing to share with my friends my first time to make money fast.

at the same time, I wish that my friends will suffer less in the field. Enjoy a blessing. Wish I could navigation station in Xinyi grew.

back to the new year, I’m going to eat KFC!

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