SF pave the way for the Russian market cross border sellers 20 low key arrival

July 23rd news, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Lithuania post, SF EXPRESS continues to expand cross-border business, has started this month to China’s cross-border B2C services to russia. It is reported that the project is responsible for the Russian project team by SF EXPRESS, which is mainly committed to the establishment of the business system in Russia and the opening of the European cross-border electricity supplier business.

it is understood that, at present, SF only for Southern China, East China Daily 200 votes more than sellers in the introduction of this service, delivery time is usually 20 to 35 days. The service registered two billing methods for surface and the first weight 50 grams of added weight by 0.108 yuan per gram weight calculation, shall not exceed 2 kg, fuel surcharge of 10% of freight, if the volume is greater than the weight by light Paohuo calculate freight. But in order to promote the business of the customer, SF is currently the waiver of fuel costs.

The main difference between the ordinary and registered in

is that surface mail is not responsible for the delivery of bill of lading, SF will be sent to the customer by customer mailbox, bill of lading to a local agency to pick up, but if the use of registered mail (registration fee 8 yuan), the local agent for the door delivery. However, if the wrong address because the recipient can not contact the consignee or the reason as a result of first delivery fails, the local agent will not be two times of delivery, will be handled in accordance with the ordinary.

It is reported that

, Russia’s SF team since its inception in March of this year, the Russian market began a low-key layout. The first phase of the launch of the product is electricity supplier parcel services, mainly for the Russian medium-sized business customers, also divided into ordinary and registered in two ways, continued heavy charges by the gram, the price is much lower than other international products SF, flat and similar products in the market, and covered the whole territory of russia. The business must be achieved with the docking of the customer system, can be shipped in bulk, the timing of the door pick.

billion state power network learned from the industry trends, explore the international market seems to have become the main melody of the express industry in recent years. Following the expansion in Asia, North America and Oceania operations, SF in June of this year has established cooperation with the Lithuania post, will take Lithuania as the starting point to explore the European market. Today, SF successfully enter the Russian market, the international business added a color.

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