Gome online layoffs platform electricity supplier talent bottleneck

reporter Lang Lang Guangzhou reported

The integration of

e-commerce industry adjustment still continue, the electricity supplier giant internal personnel adjustment is inevitable, after Suning acquisition red children cut part of the staff, announced in December last year, the two major electricity supplier company integrating Gome online under the layoffs in progress.

There is news that the United States B2C online business platform of Gome’s internal

suddenly started layoffs last weekend, spread to sectors including mining sales center, technology center, customer service center, logistics center and financial center and other departments around 300 employees, to be admitted to jobs in the United States line vice president, Peng Liang of spokesman of news of January 28th "integration, Gome online and Bowser’s very smooth, there are two platforms not coincide in the post integration situation, so there is the optimization space."

reporter learned that in May 2011 the number of Gome online on the line after the rapid development of employees to 2200 people, while coo8 although the second half of last year has to optimize the number of employees, from a peak of nearly 2000 people reduced to 1200 people at present, but before the two business office, and the business sector set the coincidence of the part, so the start after integration in order to reduce the cost is bound to cut the coincidence of the personnel department.

it is reported that, in order to reduce the cost of integration of the United States online and coo8 headquarters staff will move to the Eagle Building Gome headquarters office, and change the previous rental property office separately, which is one of the reasons for the adjustment of personnel.

it is worth noting that, compared with the 2012 sales volume reached 60 billion yuan and 18 billion 300 million yuan of the Jingdong store and competitors such as suning.com, Gome online revenue in 2012 is expected to only 5 billion yuan, but the number of its employees without its own logistics personnel but there are nearly 3500 people, while suning.com with its own logistics personnel the number of only 5000 people, obviously need to control the cost of Gome online through optimization.

in addition, in the adjustment program in December last year, Kuba will be transferred to the electronic business platform, the need to add a large number of electronic business platform business professionals, and the original Kuba employees except the part transferred to the United States online full independent B2C business talents, a natural part will be eliminated.

but in March 2013 Gome online rumor will continue to layoffs, Peng Liang denied, he told reporters, "2013 is the rapid development of the United States online for a year, with the further development of the United States online integrated strategy, Gome business will be more rapid expansion into new areas, and among the leading position in the medical industry, culture and art, Home Furnishing textile and maternal education and other fields, so this year will be large-scale recruitment of personnel, and the 2013 campus recruitment personnel will also be in July to post."

obviously the United States online layoffs this is not a contraction

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