When a single day electricity consumers benefit

Taobao in two to three years ago in 11th Five-Year double fold activities, which brought it to the average daily turnover of 2 billion. This is not double eleven singles who envy lovers holiday, and become electricity providers have the universal value of the discount on the start of the war.

in the double eleven is not approaching, as a strong competitor to Taobao, dangdang.com, how can sit idly by? By the fifteen anniversary of the gimmick, Dangdang in the garment district launched a full 300 by 150, in the book the area from the full 129 by 29 and other activities, this is undoubtedly the most powerful double to eleven return the taobao.com. Followed by Dangdang pace as well as Jingdong, Amazon, excellence, etc., all by double eleven this season launched a variety of discount activities.

customers are busy in the eyes, thought that in the electricity supplier war takings at the same time, some netizens say, Taobao eleven is a scam, call for users to keep their eyes open, to avoid blind shopping. The release of graphic, is roughly a cosmetics last month bought in 85% off after ten than she had paid the full price is still expensive for. Then, the Jingdong promotional boycott also boarded the Tencent in the technology sector headlines, Jingdong in a brand stores allegedly forced Jingdong to participate in the promotion, but was forced to withdraw from the Jingdong. Jingdong to news, alleging that Taobao malicious poaching. In the BBS, Tmall stores also broke the news that the Tmall dual eleven activities is not actually a discount of half off


has not yet come eleven, we find that the electricity supplier dispute do make some of our pursuit of high quality and inexpensive consumers are also very early to be overjoyed, I rushed into the "Alipay shopping fund", but the ensuing scandal is like a pot of cold water splashed and cool, we. I once thought that the shop does not need to face, do not need to pay taxes do not even need to ask the salesperson, this shop will cost profit to consumers. However, the electricity supplier dispute arising out of this year is a reminder to us, whether it is like Taobao double eleven station half off or Dangdang full 300 minus 100, are in a smoke bomb, we think when businesses accounted for cheap, but we don’t want to be out of pocket.

in my opinion, this is actually a good battle of the major electricity supplier to the performance for the vast number of consumers. Each of US consumers want to use the major electricity supplier price war takings almost none and discount the so-called Arabian Nights, to a great extent is the foundation to improve the original price and then discount on time, what is more than double eleven after the discount in no activity in higher prices.

therefore hope that the eleven pairs of friends who want to buy online, to maintain rational consumption, not to be fooled by the smoke played by businesses. To be sure, for the electricity supplier of the day this year, the major electricity supplier will not be defeated, but will only have differences in the aspects of profit, and the final defeat is in fact our consumers themselves. The above content by the Guangzhou talent network http://s.www>

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