Google shopping search results or increase purchase button challenge Amazon


technology news Beijing time on December 16th morning news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that informed sources, Google plans to increase the "buy now in the Google shopping list service" (Buy Now) button, and two day delivery service.

"the Wall Street journal" said: "according to informed sources, Google has made contact with the retailer, hopes to increase the buy button in its online shopping website, similar with Amazon ‘one click ordering’ function."

businesses still need to deal with all their own logistics and distribution services, but the purchase button can make users do not have to go to the merchant site, just stay in the shopping environment of Google to complete the shopping.

according to insiders and revealed that businesses can also provide two service delivery.

Google shopping for Google to expand more channels is not surprising, the company hopes to improve the e-commerce experience, and is no longer limited to product search engine. However, Google will face fierce competition in the field of Amazon and other sites, social image sharing site Pinterest will also become its potential rival.

, however, the idea of whether or not to get the recognition of retailers is difficult to conclude. The Wall Street Journal said that retailers are currently responding to the model mediocre, because they are worried that once Google controls the user experience, it will trigger a price war, and led to its loss of brand control.

Google said the company is still testing this model, but declined to comment further. (Yu


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