U S mission network the United States does not mean listing is ready to go public

May 14th news the day before, the U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing said publicly that the company is considering the United States IPO (IPO), and this year’s revenue is expected to grow two times. And, after the Alibaba group has been the investment. CNR network reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the United States, the person in charge of the United States mission to deny the United States market, saying that the United States does not mean that the United States listed on behalf of the network is ready to market.

Wang Xingceng said the U.S. group net turnover this year will reach 40 billion yuan (about $6 billion 420 million), compared to 16 billion yuan last year, an increase of double. U.S. mission network revenue will grow two times this year, reaching $1 billion 900 million (about $300 million). For the IPO program, Wang Xing said that the future of the company is more likely to be listed in the United states.

U.S. mission network currently has 90 million active mobile users, mobile applications for the platform to contribute about 70% of the transaction. Wang Xing said that the U.S. group in the short term there is no financial pressure, and do not want to be acquired. He said: "we are more inclined to achieve independent growth, because we believe that the market is large enough."

U.S. mission on March 2010 on the line, in the same year to get $12 million Sequoia Capital Injection, from the Alibaba and Sequoia Capital in July 2011 and received $50 million investment. Currently, Alibaba has 10% to $15% stake in the U.S. mission network. As China’s largest e-commerce company, Alibaba has filed a prospectus to the sec. It is reported that Alibaba has been interested in the United States and even the holdings of shares holdings.

in the previous month, the public comment to the valuation of $2 billion to attract Tencent, Tencent holding 20% of the public comment is one of the United States Mission Network opponent. An industry source pointed out that, for the United States mission, the public comment to get Tencent in the mobile terminal traffic, will make the United States in the entrance of the advantages of the group is not so big in the past.

day before the news, the U.S. mission network has access to the latest round of financing. Unlike the first two rounds of financing, in the current round of financing, the Alibaba is to appear with the identity of the cast, while the Pan Pacific to participate in this round of financing to participate in the identity of the collar. Industry investors said that if the news is true, after the completion of the current round of financing, the U.S. group net valuation of about $4 billion.

central broadcasting network technology interviews American financing network stakeholders, the other said no more information can be revealed.

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