nterpretation of Tmall 2014 double Eleven globalization wireless platform

DoNews October 13th news (reporter Yu Weiwei) in October 13th, eleven Tmall dual media communication conference, Tmall president Wang Yu Lei said that this year Tmall double eleven will be in focus on the basis of globalization, wireless, platform on the construction of business ecological system for the healthy and orderly development.

according to reports, this year eleven will be over the number of businesses involved in most of the year, only Tmall has 27 thousand businesses involved, which does not include Taobao, Juhuasuan, Tmall international, aliexpress business division.

Wang Yulei said that this year eleven is Ali after the listing of the group for the first time to show the world the Ali electricity supplier ecosystem stage, therefore, in addition to Tmall, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, aliexpress, rookie logistics, Alipay and other international cross-border international business will be from Global to Glocal.

Tmall international general manager Yi Fang said that globalization will experience Local, Global, Glocal such a process, Ali group’s business tentacles will gradually meet the B/C from the ecological demand side business system to Global business system to commercial ecological system evolution Glocal.

in addition to a large number of international businesses in Tmall during the double eleven, starting new global special goods, Tmall international will introduce more through the bonded mode, has not entered the market and the quality of Chinese overseas big small brands; Taobao will help Chinese overseas buyers to expand overseas markets, global coverage of the Chinese market to sell general speed; mainly for consumers around the world, the main China manufacturing retail outlet, help China brand to the sea, at present, aliexpress has covered 220 major countries.

on the eleven itself, logistics is bound to be one of the important aspects of Ali needs to be resolved. Wang Yulei, the rookie network had started as early as August "double eleven logistics project group, which covers the logistics industry platform and online solutions of two parts, and the data prediction, information sharing, cooperation and communication, organization and coordination as the focus.

in addition, this year’s rookie network also fully introduced the global logistics resources, and actively cooperate with the customs, in order to protect the smooth progress of the global eleven.

at the same time, the rookie network for large data products to guide logistics partner for production deployment of prediction of radar upgrade services, in addition to improve the accuracy and optimal prediction algorithm, can achieve data according to the different forms of transport provide different forecast service. It is worth noting that the new network will also provide cross-border cross-border services to predict and monitor data in order to achieve timely tracking of global cross-border parcels.

wireless will be double this year eleven another heavy head, in addition to Tmall, Taobao, Alipay wireless mobile phone wallet, Amoy little platform, Ali investment UCweb, Youku, micro-blog, intime will join them.

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