Do shop must know 3 point marketing strategy

e-commerce era today, innumerable shop! Big and small shop, for example, Taobao, eBay, patted ah, and so are the individual shop platform, there are too many to count the individual shop website, so many online platform enriches the choice of everyone, so that more people take on electronic commerce the express train, but the car is easy to get off, difficult! Of course I was in generally, doing relatively good online expert is very small but the proportion of certain There are plenty of people who. OK, let me talk about the marketing strategy in the operation of the store! I hope you can help!

How to

shop operators looking for a marketing strategy, as a marketing tool of the online store, to what extent? An obscure online shop, hiding in a corner of a website in several levels below the probability of being found in others is limited. However, if you put more effort into this, and even put some of the necessary funds, the situation may be very different. The premise is not to invest, must own their own reputation shop fight, and then pay promotion, that is the most effective, otherwise you will not see the advertising return, greatly reduced the confidence, I have gone through this process.

My shop is 08 years

was founded in May, when 1 months have not sold a single, it is obviously not so, not only do a lot of advertising products traded, see, so do the 3 thousand yuan advertising costs in an advertising alliance, because at that time you want to advertise in the league have to pay 3000 yuan in advance! Don’t just pay 3000 yuan, the result is really not what effect, the list is not more than a few single, so in general, set up settle a matter by leaving it unsettled! Online store a company’s original intention is to sell products on the Internet, or as the online store platform service provider said: carry out electronic commerce. It sounds like a good, with the help of the electronic commerce platform, any business can be an easy job to do develop electronic business, but in fact, these online stores are not necessarily expected to bring satisfactory sales. In the process of promoting the accumulation of blindness, found that word-of-mouth is very important to an online shop!

how to create a reputation, then take Taobao stores, Taobao stores from how to pull, Taobao products how to pull credit, Taobao store sales success of many products, and so on, to do this, to maintain good old customers, old customers to your benefit is infinite, directly touched by the new your customers, the formation of more of the turnover rate at that time, new customers is not worry about your products, to see so many old customers with your success good deal, new customers trust you completely, of course you can trust service. The feeling is to try to store the sweetness of success you! Of course, there are still some manager and missed this stage, no attempt to this kind of taste! As a few days ago in A5, the article said, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, today is difficult, tomorrow is still difficult, many people choose to give in tomorrow night! Sorry!


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