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did not grab Tmall double 11 party one seat, PISEN is also trying to hit a punch. In the eyes of 3C category champion PISEN, "the iron throne" change is not possible, of course, the first to hold the mobile power advantage, but more important is the attack, with new tricks to hit people a be taken by surprise.

"party to the real user influence may not be so big, more is to double 11 to add to the fun, cause the user attention." PISEN chairman Zhao Guocheng on all things look down businesses this way.

at the same time, it is clear, although not involved in the party, while also facing Rome Shi, Yoobao, millet, Meizu and manufacturers of these new old mobile power Monday, PISEN is also down Rhetoric: "they are not


PISEN emboldened where? According to PISEN revealed that their secret weapon is the expansion of the line stores and new products. Leveraging the double 11, through a combination of online and offline, and meet the demand of physical channels and electricity supplier. Last year’s sales of 50 million, this year is expected to reach 80 million. Inventory ratio will be less than 50%, providing more than 70% new products and seasonal products.

expand the intelligent platoon plug, sniper bull

this year 11 PISEN play with the same place last year, is also part of the innovation.

According to

PISEN chairman Zhao Guocheng introduced this year, PISEN will be a continuation of last year’s "business + entity" style, use of the existing more than 9 thousand stores, 1050 points, in the country to achieve up to 2 hour, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu three city 1 hours.

innovative part of the main research and development of new products, content sales attempt and self built O2O platform these 3 aspects.

mobile power has been done in the case of steady, PISEN has taken a step forward, following the digital camera battery, mobile power after the introduction of intelligent plug. Why do smart plug? PISEN, with the optimization and upgrading of intelligent products, the traditional plug has been faced with the fate of being eliminated, and the current intelligent plug to replace the opportunity to replace the general row may have appeared. For this new class to what extent, "clear, now the basic goal is to hit the bull, at least to meet as equals with him." Zhao Guocheng said.

therefore, although this year the main push of the dual 11 PISEN is still a mobile power products, but it will force intelligent plug. At present, in its official website home page, the first thing is that the smart socket.

in the content of marketing, PISEN 11 this year will try to live with fans lying on the combination, while putting up the V task, released a list of the double play, such as 11. "We have done several live Tmall, quite a good effect. Live just one of them (content sales play), we will be more personal communication and interaction with the user, which we think is necessary to go." Ultimately, Zhao Guocheng says, the goal is to achieve product sales

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