From the bustling 301 inventory of Chinese electricity supplier Festival movement

Abstract: in order to capture the market share as much as possible, to seize the consumer, top-ranking business platform, basically have their own anniversary and festivals.


Wu Yifan gathered in the United States 301, Lin Chiling in the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States in the United States in 301, the United States and the United States in the United States and the United States, the United States and china…… Recently, in Beijing subway, bus station billboards, such a set of commercials in the most intuitive way to enter the visual field of vision. At the same time, other channels including Hunan TV, domestic mainstream TV ads, once again.

in order to maximize the company platform, the company team for their endorsement of Chen Ou sent a total in the 345 line of the city and the most ignorant girl love happy camp stage. From the point of view of the state of Chen Europe, did not affect the privatization of the storm, and announced at the scene sent 10 million envelopes (reportedly, coupons, oh) let the girl again for the generous praise handsome CEO.

is the and the holidays, this is the 6 anniversary of the anniversary.

301, is no longer a holiday

‘s 301 anniversary has lasted for several years, in order to do this holiday, these years the company spared no expense to build, from the current market and competition situation, the festival has gradually become a public holiday.

of as the most direct competitor, Lasafo and Also long time, especially when the website was hacked, the contradiction between the two sides to reach the maximum.

The started from March 31st until February 27th, launched the Peach Blossom Festival, with the discount is consistent, full 199 by 100 and coupons activities. Amber Kuo and Lin Chiling endorsement makeup brand Han beam, for example, the basic price of the products in these two platforms. However, because of the activities of Le bee network from the beginning of February 27th, it occupied a certain time difference advantage. shares in 2014, the strategic stake in Le bee network 75%, also largely to le bee network made a brand endorsement. And the music bee network Peach Blossom Festival as the theme, launched its own spring beauty festival. In other channels, also launched a different discount activities. In particular, is now the mother of the child channel, launched a full 298 minus 100 activities, aimed at cosmetics festival for other channels back.

maternal electricity supplier website will launch a honey bud, 2 anniversary, Anniversary Theme for honey bud berserk festival. In order to promote, as a super daddy Wang Han Promo spokesperson also appeared in turns on television, elevator and other channels. Launched the global diapers, milk powder, children bedroom more perpendicular to the venue, the parents let the family baby slowly pick.

honey bud competitors

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