Taobao training Amoy blue teach you how to diagnose the store

Amoy Blue Ocean: the seller on how to store their own comprehensive diagnostic analysis

a lot of people say that Taobao does not make money, it’s not, 95% money sellers are buried for skills in making money, but only 5% of the sellers do not make money in Taobao Tucao on 95% of the sellers are not making money. A Taobao shop can make money, not shout out, but to have the action done, your baby is not hot, not so much traffic? Should find problems, do optimization, Amoy ocean today will share with you the seller should how to own a shop to do analysis, let the store back to life".

one, your baby search ranking is not good should be carefully analyzed for the following reasons:

1, baby category / attribute has no error

As the most basic category

weight weight baby weight, it determines whether the search engines to the baby, if you put in the wrong category of words, then the baby will never be seen by search rankings, let alone. If you go to the supermarket to buy drinks, beverage products directly to the area to search for good, the supermarket staff will belong to beverage products are placed in an area, and in this area you will not see the other such as toiletries.

similarly, Taobao is like a big supermarket, Taobao staff will be two different products for classification, category is mentioned, different products in different categories, and does not belong to this category of products will not be displayed. In fact, the reason is very simple, but a lot of people because of the lack of understanding of their products, so often lead to the wrong category, not even reduce baby search rankings.

if you’re unsure of their products which belong to the category of words, can be directly to the search for your product name, let Taobao tell you what products belong to the category, can also go to Taobao search index to determine the name of the product, as the important attributes of the product, do not put the wrong, otherwise it will also to show the effect of.

2, there is a bad record

is the basis of quality problems, or have a baby shop of the phenomenon, simple way, you made a mistake, Taobao will fear you, may not even give you the show position, so, in order to avoid this from happening, or try not to let the shop / baby being penalized the situation.

3, depending on the baby’s right to choose a good keyword

baby how high the weight is suitable for big words, if your baby weight is very low but you use big words, it is certainly not a good ranking, because the number of big baby below a lot.

is like the word "baby shoes" with 82 thousand and 200 baby

you see, in such a fierce competition, your baby wants to be in front

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