E commerce inject new vitality into economic growth

e-commerce as a new form of business, with its low cost, high efficiency, is increasingly becoming an important driving force for China’s economic development mode, optimize the industrial structure.

The impact of

e-commerce on urban economic development has gradually emerged. E-commerce has become a large number of emerging industries and employment is very high, the electronic commerce has been widely applied to the production, circulation, consumption and services in various fields, constantly and the integration of various industries, and become a new economic growth point. From a macroeconomic perspective, as the electronic commerce circulation way in the market scope of the role, so the demand facing the broader market choices, resulting in the number of total demand a certain price level on the growth of. The electronic commerce can be regarded as a kind of technological innovation, can effectively reduce transaction costs, improve transaction efficiency, through savings from the micro economic activities to the macro economic operation cost, improve the supply level of the whole society, thus promoting the economic growth.

new engine of economic growth

e-commerce is very significant to the economic growth, e-commerce through stimulating consumption, promoting investment, promoting international trade and other factors to promote regional economic growth. As a new way of circulation, e-commerce reduces the circulation of production and consumption, improve circulation efficiency, reduce transaction costs, promote intermediate demand, stimulate the final consumption. The application of e-commerce in the enterprise, effectively reducing the cost of purchasing and selling costs, increases enterprise intermediate demand; e-commerce for consumers to provide consumer choice more convenient, diverse and affordable, accelerated the process of income growth to consumption transformation, the pulling effect of the retail network for final consumption is more and more obvious. E-commerce has become an effective means to expand consumption, stimulate domestic demand and maintain economic growth.

Increase the intermediate demand and the final demand of

e-commerce brings, and constantly expand the scope of application of the electronic commerce and the depth, but also led to the enterprises in the warehouse, machine equipment, logistics transportation, IT infrastructure and other fixed assets investment. In addition, as part of the national strategic emerging industry, the rapid development of electronic commerce has also led to the development of the logistics, payment, credit, advertising, cloud computing and a number of e-commerce services, e-commerce has become one of the key industries to promote investment, promote a new round of economic growth.

in the traditional international trade mode, small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain international market information cost is very high, but also faces a series of problems, agent channels, transportation, and paid a high cost, which makes a lot of export enterprises can not depend on large enterprises to become the contractor orders. The electronic commerce with its characteristics of open, cross space and global, can break the barriers of time and space between the various countries and regions, the simplification of international trade procedures, reduce trade costs, expand trade channels, effectively reduce the small and medium-sized enterprises to develop international trade barriers. With the help of the Alibaba, HC, Dunhuang and three party e-commerce platform, small and medium-sized enterprises.

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