Reflections on double 11 Madness


dual eleven activities just down the curtain, Alipay total transaction amount fixed in the final 35 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the average daily China total retail sales of social 5. With this figure allows Tmall to sit on the world’s retail e-commerce platform daily trading seats. Last night, CCTV launched the 11 double featured at the point of 10, there are a lot of people behind the madness aftertaste and thinking. With such impressive achievements, the industry is excited, I am honored to be a Dongguan network marketing professionals, can be more confident to tell our traditional enterprise bosses, look at the daily trading volume of 35 billion yuan, can not cause you to e-commerce? But I think it is really very calm, and I the relationship between this? 35 billion yuan a few dollars into my account. Even if our traditional corporate CEOs who have to wake up and think that e-commerce must pay attention to, so, how to do e-commerce, how to invest, how to do network marketing, is also a lot of problems to solve.

1, double the big seller of the achievements of the 11, hurt the small seller.

When the daily trading volume of

sellers do base billion, such opportunities who do not want to miss out, even increase the discount, even losing money earned shouted again at, because this is a missed opportunity to brand marketing. Double 11 bra with two sales stack height of Mount Everest 9 hours, sales of diapers can suck up 6 West Lake… It’s not… Girls took a few years to buy a bra that is not enough, a lot of small babies diapers are ready. Have this crazy behind, have never thought, such trading volume, we still have a few million small sellers, they are not very sad behind. In the double 11 panic buying consumers, online shopping is the main force of real, they one day of the year for consumption, even if the daily trading volume is bigger, the total demand without an increase is not in direct selling business is to grab the small sellers to achieve great glory?

2, double 11 for the real economy, the impact of manufacturing

who knows why consumers will choose to buy in double 11 crazy, because there is a crazy price on this day. Admittedly, this is the consumer online shopping Carnival Festival, because in reality to save gold silver, even if waiting is worth staying up late. Just imagine, not because of the crazy promotions, who buy underwear in the depth of night in that? Fortunately, because this crazy is that one day, if every day, it had closed down earlier physical stores. As a cool spectator, we hope that the rapid development of e-commerce to promote consumption, but we do not want to see because of the development of electronic commerce and caused damage to the real economy, because at present the main sales of their strength or social. This is a crazy price, in the long run is not a good thing, for any industry has a great impact. When a company’s products do not have enough profit, what do we use to research and development, to ensure good product quality, to do a good job of sales service?

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