Depth analysis of the status and trends of social E commerce

"not to sell any baby" this is a difficult problem that had plagued the Ma moment, the results of Taobao customer mode came into being, and let a problem plagued Taobao customers, how can "no no baby", the shopping guide website homeopathy and health, like beauty that this type of preferential agency, the website is the most typical example.

said the three share of the community website, 90 young people may be more familiar with the female friends of the beautiful and’s feelings will be more profound, the wage level of consumer groups, for them more preferential service kind, beautiful to say, actually tube preferential agency and this type of website is called electricity supplier is not very accurate, because they do not sell goods to the user, but to earn income to profit by trading. They don’t have to worry about self logistics, supply chain, but it can be taken lightly and vigorous pace in the heavy business mode. They are not B2C, nor C2C, called them "community of e-commerce" more accurate.

said the beautiful, preferential agency and it is social commerce, but also slightly nuances, beautiful said the highlight is the "collection" and "love", the most prominent is the "social preferential discount" and "sharing", and, the most prominent is the "buy" and "for group purchase". They are the same point of commission and brand advertising as the main profit point.

beautiful said the positioning is to build it into a vertical micro-blog community, which is the content of the vertical community fashion sharing". And the user as a first tier cities young female white-collar workers

discount agency is located in the Internet to create the largest discount sharing platform, the content of this platform is to share discounts and the user as a working-class young consumer groups

positioning is "bestie between shopping website, sharing their content is" bestie share " user location for 90 two or three lines in the city of little girl".

in the history of business development, we can easily see the online shopping mall in the shopping guide, then in the development of e-commerce, the same birth of such a role, shopping guide website. Merchants want to pay for the shopping guide, and shopping guide site also received a commission is normal, and the beauty, discount clubs and brand advertising positioning is to break the traditional identity of the line store shopping guide.

this is a new thing, in the course of its development, still need to face many challenges, community positioning and profit model is a big challenge. The three sites are also at the same time may be subject to the threat of a large electronic business platform and giants, Taobao has been doing such a product. Which day the other giants have begun to do their own shopping guide, then their living space will be?. But beauty, discount clubs and have expressed their views on the threat of competition. At the same time, they also think that such a big platform like Taobao is actually not enough of their own

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