How can Taobao customers monthly income of million

I just made Taobao guest soon, although the experience is not much, but also willing to share with you. First of all: choose a suitable Taobao program. There are many online programs like this, there are a lot of such procedures in Ali’s mother’s community, but most of them can not keep up with the trend. The eyes of the beholder, here I do not want to say. Note here is that: after the selection process, be sure to change the program in the PID of others into their own PID Oh, otherwise your income into the pockets of others. Some friends here to say, there are some programs App Key and App Secret, but it does not affect your income, is a collection of data that Taobao passenger authority, recently purchased Taobao like parameter added app key, Taobao app key to the customer may calculate the flow of


again: that is to collect data. Acquisition rules:

1, the first to have a promotion, and the promotion of higher. After all, everything we buy is not wrong.

2, and then the Commission, such as high 10%-50% goods. If you buy something better, the Commission is only 1, 2 cents, you can also be dizzy.

: finally, you can monthly statistics on the goods, see people really love to buy what to buy in my website, what type of commodity sales promotion is better, and every month do not regularly check what way is better, for example, for a long time the main push of certain commodities, too for a period of time, the main push search, again for a while pushing the main channel. And then combined with a variety of promotional techniques and methods, and then to adjust their own website. So slowly you master the needs of the consumer to adjust the strategy, you will find the Commission day by day high.

The rest of the

is going to be promoted. It depends on your network and website promotion technology. There are many online information in this regard, for example, you can add some of the relevance of the link, of course, the station optimization is also indispensable.

the first, please indicate the source: beauty

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