The integration of the community and the shop is the new trend of the development of e commerce

The growing size of the

online shopping so that all heroes have to join e-commerce, more webmasters choose independent shop operators. Talk about the technical aspects of the online shop, shop building and promotion of the shop is self-evident that the two absolute core. ECSHOP and other free shop code appears, to a certain extent, reduce the threshold of the shop building, and the absolute majority of the owners have the ability to develop the two code, the site can be a good place to do internal optimization. The success of the shop operators, it seems that the key lies in the promotion of the shop.

shop SEO fierce competition

SEO as a cheap way to promote, for the webmaster respected. In order to bring their products to the keyword search engine ideal position, webmasters often sleep day and night to busy, fierce competition in the industry is self-evident. Shop promotion in addition to SEO there are other efficient and inexpensive way? Anne’s gift that the integration of the community and the shop will be an irreversible trend of development.

community and the integration of the shop is a trend

at present, community and e-commerce as the two relatively independent concept of the internet. Both of them have encountered their own bottleneck: the lack of effective profit model, and the lack of independent shop customers. It can be expected that the integration of the two will be able to solve the bottleneck of the development of each other. On the one hand, the effective operation of the community can provide stable and loyal customers for the shop, the operating income of the store, in turn, can provide financial support for the sustainable development of both.

Also try to join the webmaster community online system before

, and then tend to shop, just as a byproduct of the whole community website system, and there is no good for accurate positioning and promotion, the effect is very limited. Community and the integration of the operation of the store must be based on the community, and even the first to promote the community, and so has a certain degree of visibility, and then on-line operation of the shop. Do not have the order reversed, quick.

SEO is still the mainstream of e-commerce promotion, the degree of competition in the industry will be inevitable. How to let the shop have another way to survive, we feel that the new shop, integration and community is a worthwhile exploration, will also be an important branch of future development. Anne’s gift ( original feeds, please keep the link address and the statement.

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