Amazon sued false comment website want to force the service to stop

Amazon sued false comment website: I hope to force the service to stop

[TechWeb] reported on April 10th, according to foreign media reports, Amazon has to provide 4 sites to brush the review service litigation. 4 sites were,, and

Amazon Wednesday in Washington King County Superior Court filed a lawsuit accusing the website operator Jay Gentile of California alleged false advertising, trademark infringement, and the violation of "the Anticybersquatting consumer protection law" and "consumer protection law" and the state of washington.

Amazon asked the court to force these sites to disable the name of Amazon, and stop providing brush review services, but also requires the company to pay legal fees and 3 times the loss of compensation.

but Amazon said, false four – or five-star reviews and not many, most of the comments can be trusted. (rain)

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