Suning com now set free shipping threshold free shipping business end times


technology news April 1st afternoon news today, the last major electricity supplier announced to set free shipping threshold, for spending more than 48 yuan of orders, orders from mentioning, for the mobile client orders, Suning will give the audience free shipping policy, China’s electricity supplier era officially announced the end of free shipping.

previously, Amazon, Jingdong and other domestic mainstream electricity supplier in the "3.15 International Consumer Rights Day" generally raised the free shipping threshold, the Jingdong of the free shipping threshold is 59 yuan, the Amazon free shipping threshold is 49 yuan.

, according to the relevant person in charge of Suning logistics division, a single order amount of 48 yuan, you can enjoy free delivery service, if the order amount less than $48, you need to charge 5 yuan freight. At the same time, 5 yuan freight charge orders will separate reflected on the invoice. If the consumer shopping delivery method for mentioning, then no need to pay the freight.

said above, the free shipping threshold will be set to 48 yuan, is generally a comprehensive exam within the industry and determined, and 48 yuan is also the industry’s lowest level.

it is understood that the Suning announced the freight policy has the choice of the way consumers can not afford to mention the delivery of shipping rules. At present, Suning in the country has nearly 2000 logistics since the question, this is the next line of Suning stores advantage.

the official stressed that the mobile terminal does not include freight policy adjustment, at present, consumers in the mobile client orders still enjoy free shipping service policy. (


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