Taobao parity led to the physical store to change the product number

Taobao shop because there is no cost of rent, so the price is often much cheaper than the store. With the introduction of Taobao SMS parity service, this advantage is more obvious. Many consumers are going to the store optimistic about the goods, send text messages for price inquiries, and then go to Taobao to buy the same product. These Taobao shopping experience spread on the Internet, received a large number of Amoy friends welcome. However, although this service affordable Amoy friends, but let the store merchants complain incessantly. The parity of the emergence of the entity store has made the turnover rate has a significant impact.

in Shanghai some large shopping malls, some consumers found that part of the clothing store sales of winter clothing, in the number of products all have been altered column. Is a practical joke or another clue? Consumers have raised questions to the owner. The owner is not willing to start, then revealed the secret sorrow: "recently, many customers are inside the shop to try, then record the product number, or send text messages directly to Taobao price, then choose to go home to buy online. Because of this situation more and more, for the business of the shop has had the obvious influence, so when they have to alter the number of products."

This is not the case with

in Shanghai. Wuhan Miss Liu to a local women’s fashion store, ready to buy some winter clothes. She saw a few pieces, to the time of payment, careful she found the product number above have altered trace. She was worried about the old clothes, so she asked the waiter. The waiter told her that number is forced to alter. This year near the winter, when the boss found that sales are significantly less than in previous years, and later a survey and found that many consumers are on trial, secretly put down the product number, go back to Taobao to buy. Because the online price a lot cheaper than the store, so the recent emergence of more and more customers of this kind, resulting in turnover rate declining, so they had to alter the number of products, to "Mongolia" living this kind of customer’s eyes.

it is understood that the emergence of parity is mainly because of price differences. TBW Taobao believes that most of the shops are cement + mouse shop form, the cost is much lower than the store, so the price is much lower. However, online shopping has a drawback, that is, before the receipt of goods can not see the true face of the product, then go to the store to look after the product on the Taobao to buy just to make up for the drawbacks.

Taobao and China Mobile recently launched a short message service is fueling the parity race growth. Customers only need to use mobile phones to edit text messages, S brand model sent to 106637213721, will soon be the same kind of goods sold on Taobao.

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