SF express planning to enter the electricity supplier’s SF preferred or on line in June

morning news (reporter Wang Liya) friends broke the news yesterday, SF’s website, SF preferred in June 1st will be officially launched, focus on high-end food, for high-end customers service. Good luck for this rumor yesterday did not deny that, for the first time, confirmed to reporters that the SF preferred belongs to the brand, and the company is planning to enter the electricity supplier, but the specific on-line time and related details is not convenient to disclose.

friends broke the news facts. Reporters check online SF preferred, display the "SF EXPRESS group", "engaged in the import of food fruit wine and other goods delivery, warehouse in Beijing, Shunyi Airport Logistics Park; recruitment website also preferred SF hair recruitment notice. In fact, SF into the electricity supplier of the long-standing rumors, has previously reported that SF’s high-end business platform "respect" website has entered the closed beta stage.

news, occupy the advantage of express SF, as well as its own payment license. In early 2010, will try to launch SF SF E circle "flagship" healthy life of online shopping". However, this project is only maintained in the Hongkong region, the main sales of organic vegetables and other food. In 2011, SF and CEO by Wang Wei holding company Shenzhen Taihai investment for the third party payment license, in addition to become HNA outside, another logistics enterprises to obtain the third party payment license.

but the industry to express the company’s extended development cautious views. China Express Advisory Network chief adviser Xu Yong think, express delivery companies to the development direction of the extension is not wrong, but how to extend a success says now is not good, "federal, UPS extended to the upstream just to carry out maintenance business, have not yet entered the retail sector. Express the advantages of enterprises in the express, the retail is very easy to fall into a competitive situation." In Xu Yong’s view, SF self business is and when the time of "the first person to eat crabs, and SF selection in the high-end market, is the value of this part of the crowd is not sensitive to the price and the small market competitiveness is not strong, bring incremental business and higher added value.

– expert analysis

express industry to end the era of vicious competition

compared to the past, we will find that the biggest change in the courier companies is no longer blindly follow the trend of price increases, but this does not mean that courier companies did not make strategic adjustments. Reporters noted that in addition to the international express delivery companies such as FedEx and TATEX for the acquisition of Poland Opek company, a leading domestic SF secretly planning to enter the electricity supplier, EMS busy market, other courier companies such as rhyme express choice to vigorously advance the township market, Yuantong self built logistics park and the opening of new routes…… Every family has a lot of action.

China Express Advisory Network chief consultant Xu Yong explained that the courier company price war is in the end, the era of vicious competition has ended. Fight the price war is dead, courier companies have entered the real transition period." Morning news reporter Wang Liya

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