Heavy forecast Tmall eleven GMV or will exceed 120 billion

news October 18th, the day before, according to preliminary estimates of the State Postal Bureau, this year "double 11" period (November 11th -16) the whole industry processing mail service will more than 1 billion 50 million, compared with the same period last year will grow by 35% this year, according to the calculation of the double 11 day mail volume may reach 630 million. If compared to last year, the unit price, this year’s Tmall double 11 GMV may exceed 120 billion yuan.

billion state power network learned last year Tmall double 11 day turnover reached 91 billion 217 million yuan, the logistics orders of more than 467 million, the average customer price of 195.33 yuan per piece. In last year’s customer price point of view, if this year more than 630 million logistics orders, then this year, Tmall’s double total turnover of up to $123 billion 146 million.

up to now, from the Tmall double 11 only 24 days, but the Alibaba has not yet clearly announced this year’s total turnover target.

it is reported that in the last year, double eleven, starting from scratch, Tmall’s total turnover is constantly refreshed. 1 minutes to break the 1 billion, breaking the 3 minutes of 3 billion, breaking the 12 minute 10 billion, breaking up 10 hours 50 billion.

it is worth noting that in 2013 Tmall took 13 hours to break the record in 2014 19 billion 100 million and 2012 all day long, with a time of 12 hours 59 minutes in 2013 35 billion 2015 record, took 11 hours 49 minutes in 2014 57 billion 100 million to record all day long.


in addition, last November 10th in the morning the media have speculated that Tmall is expected to double the sales target of eleven, the Alibaba chairman of the board Ma gives a gesture, as if on cue, 90 billion yuan. In addition to Ma, Alibaba, Tmall group CEO happy child head for epilepsy were also given a similar gesture. In the end of last year, the total turnover of eleven pairs of Tmall also broke through the $90 billion.

this year the total turnover of eleven double exactly how much can be achieved, also need to double eleven day off.

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