Amoy brand into the harvest season Sequoia latent potential

Alibaba to do is to train more Jingdong, and let this company to make money." This is Ma Yun in the world Internet Conference at the end of 2014 when the speech, as he predicted, the Alibaba is becoming a brand incubator, many Alibaba take Amoy brand business dividend express, are competing to capital market docking.

, Amoy brand Yin man, the parent company of the United States at the beginning of language group, formally to the China Commission for public offering and listing on the gem. At the end of June, Liebo clothing also IPO application submitted to the Commission, to be landing in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem. The same is in the first half of this year, October mummy, Han clothing have been declared a prospectus, there is news that the three squirrels with nuts started preparing and filing IPO.

dormant in the Amoy brand investment into the harvest season.


investment Chinese network reporter statistics, "Amoy brand" behind the shortage of agency chiefs figure: Korea, Korea, Liebo, October mummy behind Sequoia Capital Chinese; IDG, today the capital involved in the three squirrels; gopher assets invested in the Yin man, early language brand’s parent company, the U.S. Department of fashion.

in addition, Jingwei China, Jing Lin investment, deep venture capital also appears in the list of shareholders. In addition to institutional chiefs, star investors Quan Ren, Huang Xiaoming, and also to the identity of the shareholders of the natural person, appeared in the list of shareholders of the Korean clothing homes in the list of.

Amoy brand why this opportunity to get together listed?

in May this year, Alibaba’s Tmall platform has been set up to help businesses listed office, it is reported that more than 50 companies are starting to plan IPO. This includes a small well-known, three squirrels, the United States (the parent company of the Yin man, first language), starry, Liebo, Royal mud square, South Korea, AFU, and puppy appliances October mummy.

to declare the brand prospectus as an example, the online sales still rely on Alibaba platform data show its online sales share almost over 50% still comes from Tmall or Taobao.

of the Amoy brand has a characteristic, many family businesses, for example, October mummy shareholders, in addition to founder Zhao Pu and his wife Tu Wenhong, and Mr Wen Hong’s sister; the controlling shareholder of four Liebo was two couples, including soup Xianfeng, Tang Xiaofeng sisters.

remove gossip, Amoy brand why choose this time to get together to market, and they face the thorny issues related.

copycat many imitators, commodity price is low, at the same time to expand the line channels there is not a small resistance, online brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce and how to ensure the long-term profitability is better than the traditional brand, is the Amoy brand currently has to face the pressure.

in these under the pressure of the Amoy brand mostly for the rapid expansion of market share, the impact of this chain is, inventories increased cash flow constraints and other issues, has been submitted to the prospectus for release a few home accessories.

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