Taoke5 Taobao guest novice must know 50 questions

Tao treasure novice more and more, the following 50 questions, you must know, otherwise the consequences will be grievous!

1, you must know that Taobao customers to make money, not so easy, the sky will not fall off the pie, but also by the efforts of the


2, Taobao must know customer may not be your lifelong career, but a good grasp of this experience will make you a lifetime of


3, you must know that Sina blog is not your home, they have the right to kill your dreams at any time, so you want to cry without tears!

Search engine optimization entry and advanced

4, must buy a copy of Wu Zexin, this is the basis of learning materials SEO


must know only the Forum promotion, is wasting your youth!


must learn to produce their own simple guest website, not just to do guest, also in order to enhance your own


7, you must know a few stronger than you, "master", when you meet a problem less detours!

8, must learn to use the advanced search engine search, not a problem, the answer is ready!

9, we must know that the API site model is not a novice to operate, it is not something ordinary people can play!


must know not to buy the entire station program, unless you can fully understand the source code inside


, 11, said he must know the monthly income of million people have a purpose, your monthly income of 10000 yuan, can you tell me the way to


12, you have to know where to promote, you go to the car forum to promote the girl butterfly, useful?

13, you must know that those who want to pick up a higher commission to push the product, or you sell 100 out, you may have to get $1!

14, you must know this advertising model called CPS, only after the transaction to get the money!

15, you must know where to fish more fish!


must know promotion seven days without income is normal, you calculate the receipt from the film to the payment to

a few days?

17, you must know the link sent today, may be in a few days to produce the purchase!

18, must be a little HTML code, at least to know where PID, otherwise you do not know how to help others work!

19, you must start learning the Empire CMS and Dreamweaver, one day you will understand!


must know that Ali’s mother is a for-profit company, you have 10% Ma Yun guest Commission


21, you must learn to place statistical code, can let you know which of your articles popular!


must know a Alipay account can.

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