The electricity supplier countryside increasingly busy fiercefighting Market

county and the vast rural areas are embraced and Jingdong are electricity supplier Ali fiercefighting this market

"more and more to eat, use, play, buy online." A small bell who lives in Zhejiang Quzhou County civilized describes his friends and life. A small bell graduated from university last year to return home, rather than the University before the online shopping in the small town of Zhejiang Province has become more common but one thing.

in the first half of the electricity supplier who have rural whitewashing advertising, and recently opened a Jingdong to the three or four line of the city and countryside caravan, Ali launched the "million village" 1000 county plan, two more have Chinese and postal cooperation, targeting the rural market. Go to the countryside, the electricity supplier has become a common goal, but also became their new important growth point, the electricity supplier of the rural business is becoming increasingly busy.

courier sent more than and 50 parcels a day

at 8 yesterday morning, 48 year old Wang Qinghe from the more than and 50 parcel post office outlets and Kaihua County this day to send the following recipient address on the package, rode a motorcycle ran several villages, began the day’s work.

Wang Qinghe is a post office courier, and he only needs many delivery in the county, township colleagues in different, he is responsible for the area is under the South Sichuan Kaihua County village seven or eight village. Although the village number over the package not too much calculation, Wang weekly only need to focus on several occasions to send parcels and letters into.

may have changed since the second half of last year. "There are so many people on the Internet to buy things, and there are more than seventy or eighty packages a day." "At noon couldn’t go home for dinner", became Pharaoh to experience the most obvious change, now, one day he had to shuttle back and forth in each village, run more than and 100 miles.

more than that, the stem of a dozen years, the courier Wang also carefully found an interesting phenomenon: sometimes a dozen parcels of recipients are the same person, from Taobao online to buy clothes, buy pots and pans from the site…… Commodity content is also varied. Again, he found that this is a village neighborhood, please the village will be able to access the Internet, online shopping to help young people under the single.

Wang had just sent express parcel post, but now he is also responsible for part of the courier package "to the countryside". Originally, in addition to the previously extended to the village post office, most of the courier company last station can reach the town or the town, the villagers would have bought something, express company will often call themselves to the town to get to a smart courier company and post office to talk about cooperation. The parcel paid "surrender" to the postal courier to send.

rural online shopping market or super city

in the town of Lianyungang, Jiangsu long white stone village, at noon, Zhang spent second weeks to sign a package – to buy a few cans of milk powder. 33 year old Zhang Yixu just this year

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