Can be accused of buying companies but do not deny the whole group buying industry

editor’s note: Recently, many bloggers in our website published a lot of articles on the industry criticized the group. Through this one, let us see the other side of things. Arash Pirzad-Allaei is one of the co sponsors of KASA capital, the company is committed to the development of Internet technology, which also includes a buy site: Crowd Cut.

Since the rise of

group purchase industry, media have appeared on many platforms. Including Lei Feng!

of course, Groupon has become the industry’s "whale", but does not mean that Groupon represents the industry as a whole. Of course, sometimes Groupon allows businesses to do a lot of bad business, this does not mean that the whole group of business model is not sustainable or can not let the owners profitable. If done well, the group is actually able to make all participants profitable: businesses, customers and buy site itself.

well, why do you believe me? To be honest, I have my prejudice. Many people began to boast in the field of "experts", so that it is difficult to distinguish people talk a lot of nonsense, "mouse" tiger "". My company, KASA capital, from May 2010 began to do Crowd Cut. We are now one of the major competitors in the market and have achieved eight digit income. So, I think about the group purchase industry, after all I have having substance in speech, direct experience in this respect. I communicate with merchants and customers every day. I have the numbers to support me. I am the game participants, not sitting on the sidelines of the self styled "brick house".

let’s clean up some common misconceptions:

1, the final average score is 73 (merchants take up to 70%), rather than. Over the past year, businesses have become more and more astute, no longer accept 55 split mode.

2, most of the group buying websites pay credit card processing fees (2.8% – 3.5%). If businesses can not negotiate credit card processing fees, it is because they do not do their homework.

3, immediate payment. Those who support Google Offer buy site to the merchant’s return more quickly. Crowd Cut is usually paid in full within five working days to businesses, other group buying sites usually have a similar payment schedule (Groupon longest, 60 talent in the three stage payment)

4, the exchange rate is about 10%-30%, the exchange rate and coupon prices are reverse. The higher the coupon price, the less the customer may not exchange,

in general, at least 60% of buyers are new customers, at least for us, yes, we have calculated!

participate in the majority of merchants do not have the relevant trading experience. This allows them to buy the site and buy related transactions >

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