Yu Ming there are three X2C plans to promote the deepening of e commerce

shortly before the holding of the World Congress on Baidu, Baidu announced the three plans in the field of electronic commerce, respectively "Ark" plan and "Fengming plan" and "the Bretton Woods plan". As can be seen, Baidu has ah to enter the X2C, not just gimmicks, but a specific action. Baidu X2C three plans, in my opinion, is not just a simple increase in a business or process links, but the depth of excavation of the value of an exploration of the user.

in traditional e-commerce, B2C and C2C are two completely separate concepts. For B2C businesses, not only the amount of transactions, but also very important to the brand building. The C2C business in the credit mechanism, the number of transactions has long been the only means of screening, but also criticized. In the online shopping consumer groups, B2C undoubtedly has a higher brand loyalty and trust than C2C.

because of this, Baidu proposed the concept of X2C, the concept of X is either B or C, as long as the independent brand and independent shop, good operation, to provide quality service and customer service guarantee of enterprise business, Baidu will help them get through the brand promotion, credit guarantee, the entire transaction platform marketing system.

for the "consumers" of this C, is Baidu. Baidu search engine for many years to accumulate the data and experience, it should be said that the most understanding of the needs of Internet users, because it is all contained in the search box that can not be. In addition, Baidu also has the field of Chinese paste it, know, Wikipedia, space and other powerful community platform system, mastered the most important online shopping information portal. Through this one after another product support, Baidu has ah will get a huge buyers popularity.

Baidu traffic realizable capacity, is constantly upgrading. We can understand the role of Baidu’s three major programs such as

through e-commerce X2C strategy, Baidu first through the entrance of the search engine will bring users to the product introduction page. Baidu has ah through the "Ark" standard product layout, so that the user before shopping, a comparative fine comprehensive understanding and detailed parameters of the products, this point is more like a perfect framework of the system of "products.". Through the introduction of "Fengming" high quality and high service big sellers, brand manufacturers, users can safely buy ah on the goods, and in the process of shopping all the issues handled by Baidu. After the completion of the purchase, is constantly improving the "Bretton Woods plan" will enable the seller to get a comprehensive and fair evaluation, to provide reference to other online shopping, not just a simple praise.

currently, online shopping accounts for about 2% of China’s total domestic trade, while the western developed countries is almost the level of 6 – 8%. It can be seen that the competition of electronic commerce has just passed the primary stage, and is going ahead in depth.

Baidu has the above e-commerce shopping model, in fact, is a one-stop service based on the Internet

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