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Liu Chuanzhi is a "hero" for Liu peach alive in Internet circles, according to billion state power network to understand, in addition to looking for folk master such social marketing, Liu peach in this year eleven also ready to make a big fight. The day before, billion state power network linked to the operator behind Lenovo Liu Tao Jia Wo Group, the electronic commerce director Luhan introduced Liu Tao in actual planning double eleven.

Luhan said that although the "hero" for Liu peach sales channels spread, including pocket shopping micro shop, since the media logic thinking of WeChat channel began selling peach willow, but these channels in a large extent or for marketing, the amount is not large. Liu’s main position will still be Tmall.

greater number of channels and other channels for

, according to Luhan introduction, at present, Liu Tao has begun to expand the sale of double eleven in Tmall, and entered the main venue and fresh venue. He said that this year is the fresh category for the first time as an independent branch of the field (last year just food venue under a sub category), so there is a certain bonus in the flow. He expects Liu peach sales in the double eleven can reach tens of millions of dollars.

, of course, for the first time in the eleven double willow peach, in the logistics distribution must also be prepared to meet the challenge. Luhan introduced, in order to avoid the explosion effects of trunk distribution speed, Lenovo joint air cargo logistics business good, the product from the origin (Chengdu) directly to the sales (except for county-level cities and below Xinjiang, Tibet and other remote areas, basically can cover).

After arriving at the destination city,

Liu Tao, go home to the consumer’s home is still in charge of the "four links". "From shipment to arrival, is expected to take 4~5 days." Luhan said.

In addition

, Lenovo’s other types of fruit good will also participate in this year eleven, mainly including cherries, blueberries, of which 2/3 of the fruit will be completed through the pre-sale, the expected total sales to reach 100 million yuan. This kind of products will be shipped to the port of origin China, double eleven period directly in domestic shipments.

for sales forecast, this year eleven Tmall fresh category of Luhan said, good fertile orchard every day, Dole is expected to become the top three sales.

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