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Sina Technology interview Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong

Sina Technology News November 19th afternoon news, the first World Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen on November 18th. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong accepted Sina interview after the meeting, he said the Jingdong in counterfeiting measures and mobile terminal business planning.

at the end of last year, Liu Qiangdong put forward five strategic priorities this year, Jingdong, including channel sink, mobile terminal, finance, O2O and internationalization. Currently, the first three business has been a clue, showing rapid development trend, the latter is still groping in the two.

in the earlier this month, Premier Li Keqiang on the economic situation of economic work and the next step to listen, Liu Qiangdong participate in the meeting said that the Jingdong is to strengthen rural business, and heavy fake work, also suggested promoting the progress of electronic business license and electronic invoice.

the heavy crackdown

recently, Liu Qiangdong frequently mentioned the word "fake" on many occasions, and Jingdong also started by two measures to curb rampant counterfeiting price, the main core is to increase the cost of the sale of fake businesses.

Jingdong in the research found that, unlike five years ago, the domestic electricity supplier industry have earned pots full bowl, and now most of the seller’s income is not as good as in the past, some just small profits. Liu Qiangdong said, fake business is seized smuggled goods business profits of 60% to 70%.

Liu Qiangdong, a Jingdong fighting measures through the norms of merchants, former Jingdong found that sales of counterfeit goods to a fine of ten thousand to one hundred thousand, or closed shop, but in the future, he said, once found buyers on the platform as long as the sale of a fake will be fined amount increased to one million.

the purpose of counterfeiters is to obtain a high premium, fakes may be more expensive than genuine. Our goal now is to make him unable to continue selling once sold in other platforms, and even bankruptcy. The past closed shop, businesses will re apply for the qualification and the legal representative of the new, and then continue to sell in a sneaky way." Liu Qiangdong said.

two is a measures of cooperation between Jingdong and industry and Commerce and other relevant departments to use the power of law enforcement crackdown. The Jingdong found sellers selling fake, inform the local quality inspection departments, check and selling office and warehouse. He believes that a single enterprise does not have the right to law enforcement, the ability to contain, the real need to put an end to fake.

in addition to the above measures, Liu Qiangdong proposed to control from the source, from the perspective of electricity providers to solve this problem. He suggested: on the one hand, the protection of small and micro businesses, the tax revenue will be raised to 1 million yuan; on the other hand for more than one hundred large businesses, should be registered electronic business license, the use of electronic invoices.

mobile service

in the majority of VC and industry observers seem to move the development of the electricity supplier is showing the expected growth rate. Jingdong also carried out in the mobile terminal, including Jingdong APP, micro shop, micro

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