Vertical mother and child electricity supplier again this time what is the difference

The huge space

maternal market is beyond doubt, according to Analysys International forecasts the current size of the market may be around 2 trillion yuan. With the two-child policy liberalization and the improvement of people’s living standard, the market will continue rapid growth of infant. In addition, maternal and child category has a good ductility, and early childhood, family entertainment, local life services market is highly relevant in maternal and child market foothold, there is a widening boundary of the possible products and services.


vertical maternal electricity supplier is not strange, many years ago, one of the leaders is red child. Red child was founded in 2004 and soon became the largest vertical maternal electricity supplier website, but with the Jingdong, Tmall, Dangdang and other integrated business platform in the maternal and child category continued to force the red child’s performance has been greatly affected, may have been in 2012 with a $66 million commitment to Su Ningyun’s. Although many people will encounter difficulties due to the red child, contradiction between the investor and the founding team of the company management is out of control, but I think the most fundamental reason is the performance was greatly affected in extrusion of a comprehensive business platform under the various contradictions concentrated outbreak. The sale of red child basically announced the end of the first generation of vertical exploration of maternal and child electricity supplier.

but in recent years, some new changes and the emergence of maternal and child market: more and more parents began to use foreign products, scouring the sea rise; the children’s shoes and other non-standard products as the core of the Zulily successfully listed in the United States; after several years of development and accumulated a large number of users of the vertical maternal community in the industry more and more have the right to speak, have business conditions. These changes allow many companies aware of the opportunity, so the vertical mother and child electricity supplier has become a hot industry development, there have been a number of enterprises to get a huge amount of financing, but this will be any different?

sea Amoy opportunities for differentiation

due to the difference between the commodity tax system and brand differentiation pricing, maternal and child products have a very big difference, which provides the basis for the development of sea amoy. At the same time for the domestic product quality and safety concerns, more and more especially the young generation of parents began to overseas goods as their first choice, which provides new opportunities for the development of vertical maternal electricity supplier, honey bud baby is therefore emerged.

All the goods in the maternal

, milk powder, diapers is very standard category, consumers recognized only a few brands, but the price of open and transparent information. Honey bud baby is from these two categories as an entry point, through attractive prices in a short period of time to achieve the rapid accumulation of user volume, played a brand.

but the problem of this model lies in milk, diapers just drainage category, the enterprise is very difficult to make money in the two category, more difficult to form the core competitiveness of vertical electricity supplier. On the one hand, milk powder, diapers basically covers only 0~3 years of age children, the retention time is too short, it is difficult to value maximization; on the other side.

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