Kidnapped Tmall Medical Museum is just a joke

B2C e-commerce has been to expand the segments of the consumer market segments, the most popular market segments of the recent medical electricity supplier. After 8 months of adjustment, Tmall medical center in recent days to resume on-line. Since many pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers have coveted pharmaceutical business market, but because the food and Drug Administration attitude to pharmaceutical electricity supplier market relatively cautious, so this area has been in a slow development of the state. Re on-line Tmall medical library has been converted from the electricity supplier trading platform for commodity browsing platform, in fact, Tmall medical library can only be regarded as a joke. (text / Wang Liyang)

Tmall medical museum only show not to sell medicine is purely a vase

after eight months of revision of the Tmall medical center has been converted from the electricity supplier trading platform for commodity browsing platform, accurate point can be said to be a precise pharmaceutical electricity supplier navigation website. In the Tmall medical center only provides drug display platform, does not provide a direct transaction, after consumers choose a good target drugs will jump to the pharmacy where the official website of the official website for the next transaction. In the process of the first transaction will appear again to the third party website authorized prompt, Taobao authorized after the consumer accounts can be purchased directly online pharmacy drugs in the whole process of consumers and the general Taobao shopping is not much difference.


authorized by the third party to pharmacies completed on-line Tmall Medicine Museum, and cooperation with major pharmacies, playing cat Medicine Museum and Tongtian pharmacies Website Payment links page, in fact the entire transaction process for ordinary consumers do not have much impact, the user experience is also ok. But after all, the transaction is not completed in the Tmall medical center, no matter how large the volume of transactions, can not be counted on Tmall’s body. Tmall medical museum only serves as a platform for traffic conversion, so that the Tmall Medical Museum in the end is not considered a platform for electricity providers, in fact, it is more like an electricity supplier vase.

Tmall medical library was kidnapped electricity supplier price advantage was flooded

if you want to pass a network to sell drugs, must have the "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" and "the Internet and drug transaction service qualification certificate" of the two online drug sales certificate, Tmall mall currently has only "Internet drug information service qualification certificate", so the cat Medicine Museum first days on the line for 18 days was halted. After eight months of revision, Tmall bypass the relevant provisions, the final completion of the Tmall Medical Museum on the line, it is because Ma did not want to let go of the electricity supplier of this kind of fat medicine. According to the China online pharmacy Council report shows that in 2012 the scale of the pharmaceutical B2C revenue is expected to reach 1 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of nearly $3 over the previous year’s $400 million. Can eat the cake business enterprise few, in order to maintain the leading position of Tmall electricity market is not miss any piece of business, so even if he can not directly participate in the network transactions of pharmaceutical products, but also through a variety of ways to ensure that it has this kind of business. In the past two years so fierce competition in the electricity supplier, wrong

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