Analysis of international Alibaba Shanghai Longfeng station


today is Sunday, time to write an analysis of international Alibaba station of Shanghai Longfeng article, this article only released in A5, and is the first, even my blogs have not released, because I was written in the A5 editor, well, I don’t change the subject, enter the text.

1. Alibaba LOGOGeneral

this is one of the Alibaba of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel came out on top of the place, they used CSS to achieve the effect. Attach the CSS stylesheet Code:


site, its LOGO form is the form of pictures. Alibaba international station is not a picture, but the text form, see as shown:


so what are the benefits? Why do you want to LOGO in the form of pictures instead of using anchor text? The anchor text is more important than pictures, even in the picture to add the alt attribute is still not the anchor text effects, LOGO uses the anchor text form, equivalent to the entire site pages are the anchor text there, the weight set that is quite strong, your page number included more, the number of anchor text is more, of course, more weight.

to solve the irrelevant content in picture form

to above:

understand CSS shoes should understand what is its implementation principle, specific CSS technology content is not introduced, we can directly copy the principle of the technique.

#aliLogo a{background:url (贵族宝贝i03.i.aliimg贵族宝贝/simg/single/logo/alibaba_2012easter_day.jpg) no-repeat 10px 10px transparent; display:block; float:left; height:62px; line-height:62px; margin-top:-7px; overflow:hidden; position:relative; text-indent:-999px; width:280px


from Figure 1 we do not see what the thought is the form of pictures, from the website source code we can see is to display the anchor text in the form of LOGO, but why we see pictures of


#aliLogo{position:relative; font:bold 10px Verdana; z-index:11

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